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2016-12-06 06:43:08 by Mople


So I've been on Newgrounds for about a month and have been making music for a few years now. I think I am definintely improving (listen to my Stereo Madness Trance Remix and then House of Bounce and you'll get the idea). So anyway, how well do you think I'm doing right now? Am I flopping on my face, or am I doing decently? Please do comment down below!




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2016-12-06 07:20:35

To be honest, I think you have potential. All you need to do is spend more time on your songs. When I started about 10 months ago, I had 2-3 songs A DAY! Needless to say, they weren't very good. Eventually, I found my balance and now get one out about every 1-2 weeks. So just find a steady pace and you'll improve drastically!


2016-12-11 06:54:34

Think exactly what TheSharkBite said, and add this.

Try different things, the first style you try in most cases won't be the one you end up using. Once you find your style, you know it. And then you get better. I'm not saying stop and try something else, it will just come when you're not thinking. Sometimes to do with your DAW (which i have to say isn't the best), but it's in your mind somewhere.

Never stop thinking for new songs, I'm always drumming or tapping, playing the keyboard coming up with a new riff. Even if you're not the best drummer or whartever, there's nothing stopping you learning, or trying.

A song is never finished, if you like a song, keep going on it, a song is never the best you can do without weeks and weeks of work. Even if it feels done, change the EQ or add in a new drum sample. You'll never be done.

You say you might be flopping on your face, but that's only if you stop. All first music is crap to some people, even yourself. As long as you keep going, post your music on different sites, try YouTube as well, then you'll be OK.

Don't ever stop!

Also, check out my new song!