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2016-11-29 15:22:42 by Mople


I uploaded my latest track, "Opaque," to the site. I had dinner, went to the toilet, did homework. I checked to see how the track was doing.

102 plays, 4 downloads.

WHAT? WHAT? This is insane. I don't believe it. I got that many views so fast! I'm really thankful to you guys who took the time to hear the track, as well as the 4 amazing people who decided to download it.


Also: How do I increase my fanbase?


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2016-11-29 16:24:16

Oh well my friend... Since you have 1 fan (Well two fans now)
People will be interested in your taste of music! I might like it but i haven't listened to it yet...


2016-11-29 16:38:52

ive never seen number like THESE
these are the HIGHEST numbers that make me the SICKEST


2016-11-29 17:18:19

I think you deserve another fan. (4 fans now)