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2016-11-27 11:31:44 by Mople

I know that I only have one awful track on my page, but I'm currently making loads of tracks to post. I really want to be a music producer when I'm older, so please do listen to my music and give some feedback! Anything at all is appreciated.


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2016-11-27 12:19:26

Your track definitely needs improving. I can give you some tips on music. I'm not the best, but I can give you as much knowledge as I have.

Mople responds:

I know it does. I wrote and produced it in barely four days, so it's not very good at all. I've not worked on it much be I'm spending most time on other tracks and mixes. Though hit me with those tips!


2016-11-29 06:13:07

Hey there! I'll have a listen now. Feedback or no btw, just keep making music! You'll keep improving, and as long as you persevere more and more people will start noticing. Welcome to the site too.