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DAW Change + Upcoming Tracks

2017-02-05 14:09:57 by Mople

Hello there!

So recently I swapped my DAW from Caustic to Reaper. I use MPC Essentials as a VST and am currently making two new tracks. The first one is another house track, but this time it includes arps and more complex melodies (aka not drawn entirely in the piano roll). It's probably my best yet. My second upcoming track includes vocals! That's all the info about that one.

See ya!


2016-12-06 06:43:08 by Mople


So I've been on Newgrounds for about a month and have been making music for a few years now. I think I am definintely improving (listen to my Stereo Madness Trance Remix and then House of Bounce and you'll get the idea). So anyway, how well do you think I'm doing right now? Am I flopping on my face, or am I doing decently? Please do comment down below!



Thank yoy guys;

2016-12-04 06:19:56 by Mople

I just can't believe that World now has 291 plays and 23 downloads. This means so much.

Just wanted to tell you guys that. Also, I'm working on a progressive house track now. It's very experimental and probably won't be any good, but I want to expand the amount of genres I can make

See ya!



2016-12-01 02:16:42 by Mople

After I found out how well World is doing, I wondered what genre of music people enjoy most. Would you prefer to listen to trap, house, dubstep, trance, hip hop or anything. Comment if you want me to make a certain genre for my next track.


2016-11-29 15:22:42 by Mople


I uploaded my latest track, "Opaque," to the site. I had dinner, went to the toilet, did homework. I checked to see how the track was doing.

102 plays, 4 downloads.

WHAT? WHAT? This is insane. I don't believe it. I got that many views so fast! I'm really thankful to you guys who took the time to hear the track, as well as the 4 amazing people who decided to download it.


Also: How do I increase my fanbase?


2016-11-27 11:31:44 by Mople

I know that I only have one awful track on my page, but I'm currently making loads of tracks to post. I really want to be a music producer when I'm older, so please do listen to my music and give some feedback! Anything at all is appreciated.